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It’s something most of us put off for as long as we can, but proactive planning of what happens to our estate when we die makes good sense. Setting out your wishes in advance gives you control of exactly how you want your property, money and possessions to be managed. And making these decisions early removes any time pressures.

Estate planning covers a wide range of issues, and legal and financial areas, so it’s always wise to use experts who understand the options and implications.

What we do

Quadrant Estate Planning services range from writing or updating a will and setting up trusts, to planning for care costs and preserving business assets. Knowledgeable Estate Planning Consultants will help you identify the full breadth of your estate as well as explore what you want to happen to it. They will provide guidance and advice, using their expertise to offer options and recommendations. They’ll handle the paperwork, deal with third parties and ensure you’re kept up to date at all times.

planning your financial future

As part of a of financial services group, Quadrant Estate Planning also has access to Financial Advisers that can offer guidance on a range of supporting areas like Inheritance Tax, equity release, pensions, investments and general wealth management.

About Us

Quadrant Estate Planning (QEP) was established to offer a reassuring and professional estate planning service to those who haven’t yet planned for the future or want to review previous plans.

Founded by the directors of two long-standing financial advisory firms, BP Sanders & Co and Pocock Rutherford & Co, QEP combines their heritage and background with dedicated and tailored estate planning services.

Our expert Estate Planning Consultants are qualified and experienced, and all work is indemnified, providing peace of mind.

Our client base ranges from individuals looking to protect their estate as part of a broader wealth management service and newlyweds building a life together, to retired couples looking to ensure their family members are provided for in the future or the cost of care services are covered.

QEP works with Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Limited, an established leader in the field of Legal Services, Probate, Professional Executor and Trustee Services.

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Book an appointment with our expert Estate Planning Consultants