Estate Planning Review Service

Estate Planning Review Service

Estate Planning Review

Once you’ve made your estate planning preparations you can take comfort that your wishes have been conveyed in the most efficient and effective way. However, circumstances can change, and your wishes now may not reflect those in the future.

Reviewing Your Plans

The plans you make for your estate can frequently be made out of date as your life, and those around you, change. And it may not be obvious that your plans need to change to reflect these.

QEP offers a reliable Estate Planning Review Service to take control of your estate planning updates, giving you additional reassurance that your plans continue to reflect your wishes over time.

The service comprises a courtesy review call, legislation updates and secure document storage.

Courtesy Review Call

QEP will contact you every two years to check if there have been any minor changes* to your circumstances that require an amendment to your estate planning.

These changes could include:

  • The names of your Beneficiaries may have changed
  • You may have moved to a new house
  • You may have new family members
  • You want to change an existing, specific gift

Legislation Updates

The laws around estate planning and taxation are rarely static and it’s important that any changes are reflected in the plans you make. QEP will update your estate planning services if required by any new or amended legislation, rules or taxes. Our Consultants will review your plans against the changes and suggest the most appropriate plan of action*.

Document Storage

Quadrant Estate Planning has access to a Secure Storage Facility to ensure Wills of its clients are protected from damage, loss, and accidental (or deliberate) destruction.

Your Will is checked (eg, has been drafted correctly, executed correctly and complies with the Will Act 1837) then placed into the Facility, and only your Executors will be allowed to withdraw it after your death.

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The Estate Planning Review Services is available to all QEP clients and costs just £50+VAT per person, per year (paid annually in advance via Direct Debit).

*Minor changes will be included free of charge under the Review Service, but we reserve the right to charge for additional or major changes. We will confirm whether a change will be included or chargeable before any changes are made.

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