Chelsea Cornish

Chelsea Cornish

Chelsea Cornish is the crucial link between clients and the service it provides. Chelsea has been part of the team at QEP since its creation and is a core member of the team.

Chelsea started in the Estate Planning industry in 2015 and has built her experience in several specialist tax planning and estate planning companies.
Qualifying in 2018 with a STEP Certificate in Trusts and Estates – England and Wales and subsequent STEP Advanced Certificates in Administration of Estates in 2021 and Administration of Trusts in 2022 as part of the STEP Diploma.

Chelsea is a current STEP Affiliate and en route to becoming a full member of STEP meaning an expert in inheritance and succession planning.

“My values are being hard working and doing the best I can,” says Chelsea. “I will go that extra mile to be on hand for a client and their family, to help guide them through the planning and ensure high standards throughout .”

Outside of work, Chelsea follows a variety of different sports, and plays football and netball for local leagues.